segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012

Freedom of expression,society,you,clothes and your personality.

Hey, yes, I have a blog, he and i are still alive and i hope that i can express what i want to say.So, i would like to share with you what the theme is nothing less from my blog: Fashion.Mainly i would like to talk about freedom of expression .. . Freedom of expression is characterized by: is the right to freely express opinions, ideas and thoughts. It is a basic concept in modern democracies where censorship has no moral support.Did you read? "In which censorship has no moral support" in other words , where censorship has no morals, where the restriction should not be busy.Well, it was supposed to be, but as we all realize, society and the world as a whole does not "follow" these rules and not only I but many people may end up being what they do not want.But now I wonder, why all this? Why society acts this way? Why can not we be what we want to be? All they say to be "ourselves" but just judging us anyway! This is terrible,live is terrible, is not something easy.We have gone throught by emotions, sorrows, joys in life that end up in maturing, do not think to use a simple piece of clothing different from "standard" should be nothing to society? Anyway, I'm very tempted to be myself, be confident and do not be ashamed to wear what I want, but society is always against me, but fuck society, you are what matter, who live your life is you, not them; Eventually, everyone will die the same way, nothing is more important than your personality, whether you are gay, lesbian,having some disease ... what for.Just be yourself, because these people what look at you in a different way are very low, which does not have a bit of knowledge you have.Clothes were made to be used and you were made to be yourself.

quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Grunge, spikes, 90's and U.S.

Hey guys, here are some photos poorly edited? Haha.Sorry, I'm terrible these things, especially when you are dying to sleep and listening to rock. Please, please, not do this when you have Parkinson's disease and no, I'm not so deformed! Thanks for everything, you are the best.




sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

They knock on the door but never someone

Hey folks, as I said .. here are my photos. Well, I had (oops, my father) this military jacket for years stored in my closet, but only now decided public.Combined with my boots vintage brown velvet with a simple pair of jeans. Also put a white button-down shirt with a tie to give a more casual air. And lastly, changed my beanie for this hat is like a vintage cowboy way?
What you think?

terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Insta, insta - Baam!

Hello people of this earth, I know, I know .... Years since I posted here! I also feel hate myself and I want to maim me .. hehe. But do not just depend on me to post here on the blog, there are the clothes, the photographer, the camera, place, etc.Sorry! I'm really sorry, I promised that I will post more often but where's my word? I'm terrible with this.Anyway, or this post will be with a look. But yeees has pictures of me and of my last days living in this boring world that I took with my telephone.Swear my next post will be with some equipment, I swear! Maybe even this week ..

domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Who knew it was going to live?

Well, I'm so long without posting here who do not even know why I have a blog, haha​​. The last few weeks have been full of surprises and emotions. But what matters is that now I'm on vacation, but what's good if my plans were all down the drain? Yeah, it's always like that, I can never be happy with something because deep down I know one day I'll disappoint me with her.
  Today I went to a city and state here my face, I froze. It was great because here in Rio de Janeiro is very difficult to get cold, but finally we are in winter. Returning ... We went to a restaurant to celebrate the anniversary of my mother and I ended up falling through the city. Man, it was all so beautiful and historical, to the restaurant I ended up falling in love, lol. Anyway, it was all so good and cold that I just loved my day.
  These are some random images of most of the day.
  Have a good weekend! Oh and of course, intend to post more often and more often around here.


domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Blow It Up

These photos were taken recently by my cousin when I was inspired to some tests. Well, do not have much time to talk now because it is a lunch here at home for the birthday of my brother and I still need to finish my school work for tomorrow. Aw, I hate school and math both.


segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012

But gravity always wins

Hello everybody! I am not posting for some time because like I said I was traveling.So, speaking on this subject I can only say that the trip was just wonderful! I was in various places in the gallery of the rock, etc.No end I ended up buying only a graphical jersey Ac Dc and almost buying my creeper.By the way, the shirt you can see there in the photos below. Beyond that I'm bad in a week of tests in school, or I will take some time here for my next post.
PS:Sorry for not looking at the camera in the photos, I just had a bad guy (no more than normal).


quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012


Some pictures from last week, is, they are random as hell.I am simply in love with this song. She has an amazing voice

sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Couldn't look you in the eye

Hello guys, I'm back here just to post this equipment and just say that I am feeling so without meaning to life, I do not know, I'll just add in one last picture as I've been feeling.
Not long to explain, I'm going to meet with a friend now to buy some accessories.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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