domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Who knew it was going to live?

Well, I'm so long without posting here who do not even know why I have a blog, haha​​. The last few weeks have been full of surprises and emotions. But what matters is that now I'm on vacation, but what's good if my plans were all down the drain? Yeah, it's always like that, I can never be happy with something because deep down I know one day I'll disappoint me with her.
  Today I went to a city and state here my face, I froze. It was great because here in Rio de Janeiro is very difficult to get cold, but finally we are in winter. Returning ... We went to a restaurant to celebrate the anniversary of my mother and I ended up falling through the city. Man, it was all so beautiful and historical, to the restaurant I ended up falling in love, lol. Anyway, it was all so good and cold that I just loved my day.
  These are some random images of most of the day.
  Have a good weekend! Oh and of course, intend to post more often and more often around here.


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